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Aceleratio// The art of slowing down

in times of a pandemic.

Have you asked yourself how the crisis has changed your dialogue with others? 

Aceleratio aims at providing an artist's perspective.


You will be warmly welcomed and guided through a maze of different realities. Finding intimate, fragile, poetic spaces alternately seeking confrontation, comfort, movement and enlightenment during these pandemic times. 

You will experience an  "unseen” act of presence, emerging different perspectives and possibilities of this transitional "spacetime". 

Aceleratio is about the times we are in. Through many changes and uncertainties we literally are encountering a realm where acceleration and slowing down co-exist at the same time. Being touched by the true nature of humanity, We as an artistic team feel the urge to share this transitional moment with our witnesses - you, our audience.


Acelerating and Slowing Down is relevant in our artistic practice. Rather complementary than a contradiction ...


Performing this blended performance installation in this very moment offers us the opportunity to propagate the necessity of art at all times. Movementalists envision a world, where dance movement is an essential factor for humanity. In this ongoing,
changing world we – the dance artists have a central role as initiator for change and expression of and in between different cultures and beliefs. 

We do so by breaking with proclaimed boundaries, creating sharp edged performances focused on provoking different emotions. We interact and improvise creating moments as they come, going into purity of movement, testing our systems and beliefs.

We are looking forward meeting you in the maze of Aceleratio online


An interdisciplinary blended performance installation,

where video, live streams and performances come together

at a meeting place with a unique architecture and energy:

Ndsm Fuse.

Aceleratio aims to confront on- and offline audience with struggle, freedom, courage and comfort. Inspired by the effects of the crisis; a slower body, acceleration of thoughts, feelings that seem more extreme, 10 experienced Amsterdam-based performers live and +/- 16 international performers embody this time by engaging in a physical/ mental process to understand at a deeper level how feelings and thoughts manifest in their bodies during COVID-19 reflecting on the pandemic.


Sneak Peek Streams of Aceleratio live from Plein Theatre, Amsterdam

 Look Back Sneak Peeks

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vincent verburg.png

Initiators ǀ Performers ǀ Makers ǀ Dance

Dayna Martinez Morales & Vincent Verburg/ Movementalist

Performers ǀ Makers ǀ Dance

Kathrin Gramelsberger, Cherif Zaouali, Andreas Denk, Sjaan Flikweert

Percussion & Windinstruments ǀ Roberto Callisaya

Violin & Dance ǀ Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo

Spoken Word ǀ Sjaan Flikweert

Visual Art ǀ Lieuwe van Gogh

Soundscape ǀ Video and Projections ǀ Pablo Alanes

Movement Facilitator ǀ Aminata Cairo

International Performers ǀ Makers ǀ Dance

South-America ǀ Yumi Tapia Higa, Maria Elena Filomeno Nuñez Isabel Aillon, Carmen Collazos, Oscar Zelada, Manual Apaza Cari

María José Rivera 

Africa ǀ Haman Mpadire, Oluwabukunmi Olukitibi, Tchnia Ndjidda, Tom Jules Samie

India ǀ Tanveere Kaure Khanna, Tarali Das, Jyoti Prasad Rabha

Participants ǀ  Josefine van der Donck, Kimsy van Heyningen, Lucy Nooren, Maureen Angelica Vrijdag

Movement Coordinator ǀ  Alexandra Loembé

Lights ǀ  Petyr Veenstra

Sound ǀ  Gijs OOmkes

Costumes ǀ  Inez Meer

Camera ǀ  Pablo Alanes ǀ Animas

Photography ǀ  Pablo Alanes

Live Online Experience ǀ  Thomas Brand

Audio Shesaac ǀ Szymon Wojcik

Footage Shesaac ǀ Isaac E. Hidrobo

Aftertalks  ǀ  Francisca Rijken

Coach Film ǀ  Nienke Rooijakkers

PR ǀ  Elise Vroonhof Plein Theater

Production ǀ  Movementalist

Movem! For Aceleratio
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