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Sneak Peak Livestreams



An interdisciplinary blended performance installation,

where video, live stream and performances come together

at a meeting place with a unique architecture and energy:

Ndsm Fuse.

Aceleratio aims to confront on- and offline audience with struggle, freedom, courage and comfort. Inspired by the effects of the crisis; a slower body, acceleration of thoughts, feelings that seem more extreme, 10 experienced Amsterdam-based performers live and +/- 15 international performers embody this time by engaging in a physical/ mental process to understand at a deeper level how feelings and thoughts manifest in their bodies during COVID-19 reflecting on the pandemic.

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On our way to Aceleratio Movement Expo, we explore the online world in an attempt to contact the other.

Every stream two of us explore the interaction with each other and our online audience from out different spaces.

In six live streams from Plein Theater in Amsterdam

the viewer can peek under the skin. Finding intimate, fragile, poetic spaces alternately seeking confrontation, comfort movement and enlightenment during these pandemic. 

An "unspoken” word towards you, the viewer at home.

The sneak peek streams are each +/- 20 minutes.

For every peek you get a free Impulse Movement Practice!

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